This section contains Santa Fe advertising and public relations documents including brochures for passenger trains.

Advertising Brochure - California Limited; December 1939 (Bob Haben) Advertising Brochure - Chicagoan (Bob Haben)  Advertising Brochure - Golden Gate, Auguat 1939 (Bob Haben)

Advertising Brochure - El Capitan; 1938 (Bob Haben)  Advertising Brochure - El Capitan; May 1939 (Bob Haben)  Advertising Brochure - El Capitan; August 1940 (Bob Haben)  Advertising Brochure - El Capitan; September 1941 (Bob Haben)

Advertising Brochure - El Capitan; 1956 (Bob Haben)  Advertising Brochure - The Scout - 1938   Advertising Brochure - Scout (Bob Haben)

Advertising Brochure - Super Chief; 1937 (Bob Haben)   Advertising Brochure - Super Chief; 1941 (Bob Haben)  Advertising Brochure - Super Chief; 1949 (Bob Haben)

Below are State by State reviews, supplied by Stan Hall.  Brochures are from a series of articles that originally appeared in The Santa Fe Magazine in 1948.

State Guides - Arizona    State Guides - California    State Guides - Colorado    State Guides - Kansas

State Guides - New Mexico    State Guides - Oklahoma    State Guides - Texas

Santa Fe Today Brochures – This is a series of brochures prepared by the ATSF public relations department in the late 1940s to explain the organization and functions of the various railroad departments –  “Expansion of the Santa Fe from a small Kansas enterprise into a vast transcontinental transportation system has brought about many changes in its operations. (These articles) … explain the workings of this modern railroad plant with its shops, yards, offices and other physical properties which go to make the Santa Fe today. These articles have ben prepared by the public relations department with the co-operation of various department heads…”

Santa Fe Today - Volume 1    Santa Fe Today - Volume 2    Santa Fe Today - Volume 3    Santa Fe Today - Volume 4

Santa Fe Today - Volume 5    Santa Fe Today - Volume 6    Santa Fe Today - Volume 7    Santa Fe Today - Volume 8

Wartime Advertising Brochures

Wartime Brochure - Wheels Keep 'em Rolling!   Wartime Brochure - Enroute to Victory    Wartime Brochure - Maintenance of Railroad Tracks and Structures

Brochure - Camera Notes on Santa Fe Trips