Restoration and Education Projects

Restoration projects

The following are some of the restoration projects involving Santa Fe equipment that are known to the webmaster at this time. Please send us updates.

4-8-4 2926, Albuquerque

Madam Queen, 2-10-4 5000

ATSF 843, Alco RSD-15, Arkansas Railroad Museum

ATSF 98, FP45, Orange Empire Railway Museum

Pleasure Dome 504, Arizona Railway Museum

Fort Madison Depot

Museum of the American Railroad relocation

Houston Railroad Museum relocation

Bartlesville Railroad Museum restoration

Madam Queen Restoration to operation

FP-45 #93 cosmetic restoration.

education project

The Society is collaborating with Philmont Scout Ranch, operated by the Boy Scouts of America in northeastern New Mexico on the Santa Fe’s historic Ute Park line, to build a camp, called Metcalf Station, for Scouts and Venturers to learn and experience some of America’s railroad history and the important role that the railroads and the Santa Fe played in the development of the Southwest.  So far, over 3000 Scouts have participated in the project!

Philmont is looking for the following items to help build out the Museum exhibit.  Please coordinate with both Eric Hiser, the Society’s project coordinator () and Philmont if you can help!

Philmont Metcalf Station needs