Conventions & Mini-Meets

The 2019 Convention – Pueblo, Colorado

July 26-28, 2019 

Updated June 24, 2019

The 39th Convention of the Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society will be held July 26 thru 28, 2019 in Pueblo, Colorado.  The theme of the convention this year is “The Chico”.  The Convention will be held at the newly renovated Pueblo Convention Center in the heart of downtown Pueblo!  The Pueblo River Walk with restaurants and shops adjoins the Convention site.

Extra fare activities

Tuesday, July 23

 Ride Amtrak over Raton Pass. Board the bus at the convention center to Trinidad 7:15 AM, ride Amtrak #3 to Las Vegas, tour Las Vegas (roundhouse, Harvey House, etc), have lunch and return to Pueblo by bus. * (See caveat in green below) (This extra fare activity is fully booked)

* Note: Riding Amtrak from Trinidad to Las Vegas is contingent upon the arrival of Train #3 into Trinidad close to the scheduled time of 9:14 in the morning. Activities planned in Las Vegas require us to depart by 3:15 in the afternoon to return to Pueblo by the 12 hr Bus driver limit of 7 PM. If Amtrak arrives past time required for the activities in Las Vegas, buses may take us directly to Las Vegas.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

Tour the Transportation Technology Center a center for advanced railroad research and testing providing unique facilities for worldwide clientele. The center provides research, testing, and training for technology and safety-related issues for railroads around the world. The center is owned by the U.S. Department of Transportation and is operated by Transportation Technology Center, Inc., a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads. Tour Vestas Tower facility located eight miles South of Pueblo is the largest wind tower factory in the world. Tour the Steel Mill Museum for an depth review of the steel mill history and operations. (This extra fare activity is fully booked)

A Welcoming Fiesta Buffet Dinner at the Pueblo Union Depot with a mariachi band and a talk by the local Harvey Girls. Next to the depot is the Pueblo Railway Museum will be open and will be giving engine and caboose rides.


Thursday, July 25, 2019.

In the morning we will travel to Canyon City to ride the Royal Gorge Railroad. The railroad trip will be offered in two classes. Dome car, offering excellent views of the canyon, and coach. The price includes lunch aboard the train. One the way back to Pueblo we will tour the Holcim (Portland) Cement plant. (This extra fare activity is fully booked)

In the afternoon several layouts will be open for tours.

Convention activities, Friday july 26 through sunday july 28, 2019

Friday: Clinics, Vendor Sales, Model/Photo contest.  Spouses tour of the Rosemount Museum with luncheon.  Special guest evening speaker:  Larry Green.

Saturday: Clinics, Vendor Sales, Model/Photo contest and ending with the Society’s Awards dinner.   Allan Affeldt, who restored La Posada and is restoring La Castaneda, will speak.

 Sunday: Breakfast, Business Meeting, Albuquerque Convention presentation


You can register for the 2019 Convention by clicking the following link:  2019 Convention Registration.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  all checks must be made out to “Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society, Inc.” and NOT to “SFRH&MS” due to banking regulations!


Two adjacent hotels will be used:

   Courtyard by Marriot – Connected to the convention center.  Telephone 719-542-3200 prior to July 2[This hotel is fully booked]

   Spring Hill Suites by Marriott – across the street.  Telephone 719-546-1234 prior to July 2[This hotel is fully booked]

   Hampton Inn 3315 Gateway Drive, 3 miles south of the Convention Center.  Telephone 719-526-1726, group code C-SFR or C-SF2 prior to July 1.

  • Room rate of $129 with breakfast;
  • Room rate of $139 for a suite with kitchen and breakfast.

   Watch here for more details.

Planning to Participate in the Model or Photo Contest?  Here’s more information:

Model Contest

The model contest is divided into two groups: a popular vote contest and a technical contest. In the popular vote contest, all models participate and compete for first, second and third place ribbons and “Best of Show” based on the number of votes that they receive from attendees. Popular vote categories include steam locomotive; diesel locomotive; multiple unit diesel locomotive; freight car; passenger car; intermodal equipment (cars and support equipment); caboose/way car; maintenance of way; and structure/diorama.  In the technical contest, models are judged by interested members based on prototype fidelity (10 points), modeling effort and proficiency (10 points) and finish and weathering (5 points), with 22 points required for a Certificate of Technical Excellence, 18 points for a Certificate of Technical Merit, and the best overall model scoring 22 points or more receiving the President’s Award for Technical Excellence.  Technical contest categories include: motive power; rolling stock; and structures.

If you would like to learn more about the Model Contest, click on the following links:

Model Photo Contest

The Society also sponsors a “model photo” contest where participants recreate the Santa Fe in model form and then photograph it. You can see the ATSF entry form here and BNSF entry form here.

Annual Conventions

The Society hosts an Annual Convention, continuously occurring since 1981. The Convention is an opportunity for Society members from all over the world to gather to share their interests and fascination in the Santa Fe. Conventions run from Friday morning through Sunday morning, but often include “extra fare” activities to enjoy local Santa Fe or railroad attractions before the formal start of the Convention. Included are:

  • Clinics by experts on various aspects of Santa Fe history and modeling.
  • Talks by significant figures. Past talks have included former Santa Fe President John Reed and Mike Haverty, noted railroad historian Wally Abbey, and Santa Fe and BNSF officials.
  • Model and Photo Contest. The Society offers both a popular vote contest for Santa Fe models and photographs and a technical contest for serious model builders leading to the coveted Master Santa Fe Modeler title.
    • Past Convention model and photo contest winners
    • Model and Photo Contest Rules
    • Master Santa Fe Modeler
  • Vendor room. A highlight of every convention is the vendor room, packed with vendors offering a wide variety of Santa Fe memorabilia, books, models, modeling supplies and other materials. The Society always stocks a complete Company Store featuring the Society’s books, magazine back issues, models and related products.
  • Networking. One of the best parts of the Annual Convention is the opportunity to find Society members with similar interests, sit down with experts on Santa Fe history and modeling, and discuss your questions and interests with them. Conventions typically have ample seating and access to a lounge to facilitate building friendships with folks sharing similar interests.
  • Awards Banquet. The Awards Banquet is an opportunity for Society members to share in the success of their comrades in the model and photo contest, the fun of raffles and silent auctions of Santa Fe items and models, and the excitement of the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Annual Meeting. The Society’s Annual Business Meeting is Sunday morning, where Society members hear reports from the Society’s officers, directors, and operating committee members approve major changes in Society practice, provide feedback to the board on what books, products and services members would like to see. These are lively and informative sessions.
  • Extra fare activities. In addition to the formal activities, most Conventions offer extra fare activities riding trains, visiting museums or seeing significant Santa Fe sites.

Society Conventions typically gather 250 or more individuals from across the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Come share in the magic of a Santa Fe Convention!

Upcoming Conventions

The Society is planning Annual Conventions at the following locations:

  • 2019: Pueblo, CO, John Denny.  The Convention will run from July 24 through July 27.
  • 2020: June 17-21: Albuquerque, NM, contact Dave Traudt
  • 2021: Kansas City, MO

Past Convention Reports

Read about prior Annual Conventions and see what members did, learned, and showed!

Reports on other past conventions and Mini-Meets
List of all International conventions

Society Mini-Meets

Our Mini-Meets are regional based gatherings generally one half to one day long on a Saturday. Interested members have organized these meets in areas not regularly visited by our conventions allowing us to reach the East Coast and the Pacific Northwest.  A mini meet may include;

  • Clinics by experts on various aspects of Santa Fe history and modeling.  Some of these clinics are “warm ups'” for a presenter who will be at a future Annual Convention.
  • Models on display for close up viewing and discussions with the builder.
  • Networking with fellow Society members who live close by and a good way to attract new members.

Upcoming Mini-Meets

Please send us your planned mini-meets so other Santa Fe fans can attend!

We are looking for a new Southern California Mini-Meet coordinator.  If interested, contact

Past Mini-Meet Reports:

The Society has had Mini-Meets in the following areas (click on link to see past mini-meet reports!):