Kistler-Middlebrook-Kogan Photo Collection

Photo of Steam Engine at Pasa
An 8-car special running as 2nd 3 arrived at Pasadena, California on August 21, 1949. It was a theatre troup with baggage cars loaded vwith stage props, etc. The 2915 was used to spot the baggage cars at the auto dock for unloading. Pretty tight curve for such a long wheelbase
locomotive. I’ll guess the crew got extra pay for switching. Stan Kistler photo, used by permission.

Kistler photos available – from stan kistler himself!

The Society is pleased to announce that noted Santa Fe and Western railroad photographer Stan Kistler makes part of his collection of photos available to Society members and the public.  The collection is comprised of nearly 5000 black and white photos of The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway from the 1890s to the 1990s.  Photos are available in either hard copy or digital format and are produced by Stan with careful attention to faithfully reproducing the original negatives.  Part of the proceeds from each sale go to support the Society.

photos available

Stan Kistler has made the following two collections available at this time:

Click on any of the four files and you will download the catalog in PDF format.  Collection SF-3 is not presently available.

ordering and Pricing information

Pricing:  Either paper or digital 10-inch images are $7.50 each. California sales require the current sales tax.

Shipping, Postage and Handling:  Paper prints require postage charges of $4.50 for the first print, 20¢ for each addl. in the same order.
Digital images require a valid e-mail address and prepayment by PayPal to: .


  • Images as large as 16 inches in horizontal format are available on special order.
  • Mail orders are preferred with payment by check or Money Order. Credit Cards not accepted.
  • Orders are accepted online using PayPal.  Lengthy orders of more than ten (10) Items should send an accompanying e-mail cover letter with all items listed and full name and address.
  • Be sure to specify print or digital. Orders are usually filled within two to three weeks of receipt of payment.
  • Special Instructions for Lists SF-1 and SF-2:
    • From SF-1: List by engine number. Add date if more than one view shown of same engine.
    • From SF-2: List by car number, or “C” number; Use “M” number for any miscellaneous views
    • From SF-4: List by engine number. Add date if more than one view shown of same engine. Use “M” number for any miscellaneous views.
    • From SF-5: List by car number or name. Add view angle (A,B,C,D,E) if more than one view of same car shown.

Stan’s contact information is available in the PDF downloads.

Enjoy these fabulous photographs of Santa Fe’s past!