Westerfield Fe-Q/R/V resin kits (HO)

Westerfield Models has announced AT&SF Fe-Q, Fe-R and Fe-V Automobile Boxcars.  Westerfield has announced three new kits of this Santa Fe prototype.  The kits include one-piece body construction, urethane castings of detail parts, Yarmouth etched bronze corner steps and eyebolts, decals and Tahoe or Kadee trucks are available.

KIT 12901:  Fe-Q SS Auto Box, Peaked Metal Roof, 7-5-5 Ends, Plate Metal Doors, 10 Ft Opening, K/AB Brakes, AT&SF.                        #12901 Operating Era:  1924-1943.                                         $47

The 500 Fe-Q cars (#84701-65200) were built in 1924 by Pullman and used the sectional side sheathing developed by the Santa Fe.  This series also featured fishbelly underframes, 7-5-5- corrugated steel ends, flexible metal roofs, a 10′  (1-1/2) metal plate side doors, KC brakes, and Andrews U section trucks.

KIT 13001:  Fe-R SS Auto Box, Radial Roof, 7-5-5 Ends, Plate Metal Doors, 10 Ft Opening, K/AB Brakes, AT&SF.                                 #13001 Operating Era:  1926-1943.                                         $47

The 500 Fe-R automobile boxcars (Series #65201-65700) were built by Pullman in 1926. These cars were built similar to the Fe-Q but with a few improvements. They came with radial steel roofs and ARA cast steel trucks with integral journals.

KIT 13151:  Fe-V SS Auto Box, Peaked Metal Roof, 7-5-5 Ends,  Corrugated Metal Doors, 12 Ft Opening, AB Brakes, AT&SF         #13151 Operating Era:  1934-1940                                          $47

The 10 Fe-V automobile boxcars (Series #67251-67260) were rebuilt by AT&SF in 1934. These cars received two 6 foot corrugated metal doors with a 12 foot opening, AB brakes, Ajax handbrakes and the added left side grab iron. These cars were equipped with auto loaders

Westerfield is also offering the following variants with trucks:

  • 12981 Fe-Q/R/V SS Box w/ Tahoe/Kadee Code 110 Trucks, Specify Type $54
  • 12982 Fe-Q/R/V SS Box with Tahoe/Kadee Code 88 Trucks, Specify Type $54

Thanks to Westerfield Models for bringing out these kits and for the photos from its website!