Rapido Trains Rr-56 Refrigerator car (HO)

Rapido Trains has announced a Santa Fe Class Rr-56 reefer in HO scale. The prototype cars first appeared in 1955. The Rr-56 were classed as “all purpose” mechanical temperature control (MTC) cars by the Santa Fe.  200 cars were built, numbered 2100 to 2188 and 2500 to 2510.  Delivered in SFRD, they were changed in 1963 to SRFP with the same numbers.  Even today some of these cars serve on the Burlington Northern as buffer cars and M-O-W cars, a role they also had on the Santa Fe.
These cars overlap the ice bunker refrigerator car era by twenty years and these mechanical reefers could be seen trains mixed in with the ice bunker cars.

The model is based upon original blueprints and drawings with artwork from original drawings and photos.  Separate door posts, door latches and coupler cut levers, fully detailed underframe, including piping and mechanical equipment, Kadee #158 whisker couplers, roof hatch can be open or closed.  Includes a model Trane diesel generator with an optional sound unit.  Ordering information available at https://rapidotrains.com/products/ho-scale/freight-cars/ho-scale-atsf-rr-56-mechanical-reefer

Bob Chaparro, John B. Moore, Greg Silva, and Keith Jordan, all of whom were a wealth of knowledge, resources and suggestions, and were quick to respond to Rapido’s questions and needs. Later on, Steve Sandifer and John Signor also contributed to this project.

Thanks to member Bob Chaparro for the note and comments; images courtesy of Rapido Trains website.