Missing Images for A&P-Albuquerque Division Book

Help needed!

As reported in the Second Quarter 2023 Running Extra, the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society and the Arizona State Railroad Museum Foundation & Center for Education (ASRMF&CE) are partnering to produce a manuscript by Garland Lamar Moore on the history of the Atlantic & Pacific, the Santa Fe Pacific, and then the Albuquerque Division once the Santa Fe merged the Santa Fe Pacific into the parent company.  Mr. Moore was the Chief Clerk of the Albuquerque Division and prepared his manuscript from original company documents, many of which are now missing.  As part of the manuscript, Mr. Moore included photographs that were taped into the manuscript.  Unfortunately, the original manuscript is missing so only poor quality photocopies of the original images remain.  It is our hope that Society members and interested members of the public may be able to identify the source of the original image so that arrangements can be made to produce a higher resolution image.

Two areas of help are needed:  (1) help finding images of some of the early officials supervising the Atlantic & Pacific’s construction and operation; and (2) specific images from Mr. Moore’s manuscript that ASRMF&CE archivist George Shaw has been unable to locate.  If you have sources for any of these materials, please contact providing your contact information and a note on what you would like to discuss:

ASRMF&CE contact
George Shaw, Archivist

Tel.  970.985.4935

SFRH&MS contact
Eric Hiser, Project Manager

Tel. 480.505.3900

George and/or Eric will be in touch to follow up with you as needed.

missing images for atlantic & pacific / santa fe pacific / santa fe albuquerque division history

The Society and ASRMF&CE are looking for images of the following individuals to include in the manuscript:

  1. Frank J. Smith, A&P Superintendent, Construction period, 1880-1884
  2. D.B. Robinson, A&P Superintendent, Post-Construction period, 1885-approximately 1890 (formerly general manager of the Mexican Central Railroad)
  3. Arthur G. Wells, Santa Fe
  4. Andrew J. Smith, Superintendent, Albuquerque and Arizona Divisions, appointed November 1, 1885
  5. Thomas R. Gable, Secretary to D.B. Robinson (also formerly with the Mexican Central Railroad)
  6. J.G. McCuen, Santa Fe (formerly with the Mexican Central Railroad) – if anyone knows Mr. McCuen’s official position, that would also be great to know!
  7. Obituary notices/photos for Morgan T. Jones, Agent & Rules Examiner, died October 22, 1956
  8. Obituary notices/photos for William F. Kraft, Agent, believed to have retired October 1, 1956.
  9. William “Bill” Tolivar, Albuquerque Division Engineer
  10. T.D. Mason, Albuquerque Division Engineer
  11. R.G. “Tex” Garland, Albuquerque Division Engineer
  12. James. B. Miller, Albuquerque Division Engineer
  13. C.W. Henson, Assistant Albuquerque Division Engineer
  14. C.L “Leon” Holman, Albuquerque Division Engineer
  15. Superintendent Charles E. Rollins
  16. Superintendent Oscar R. Hammit
  17. Superintendent A.K. Johnson
  18. Acting Superintendent Raymond M. Champion
  19. Map of the railroads of Northern Arizona. We are looking for a cite to the original map or if someone has the original or a copy.

Low resolution scans of images are shown below to assist in identification of originals: