This section contains information about Santa Fe freight cars.  Click on icons to open documents.

US Army Guidance for Transport by Rail (Tiedown Guide)   Santa Fe Freight Cars by Class - 1945   Santa Fe Ga-131 Hoppers in West Texas  Automatic Couplers - 1885

Resurrecting Tk-J Tank Car  A Portfolio of Helium Tank Cars: 1926 to 1962  Santa Fe Freight Car Slogans   Santa Fe 1950 Freight Cars

Timken Commerative Box Car

Live Stock Operations – The movement of live stock was a significant business for the Santa Fe.  The files below provide information on this subject.

Santa Fe Livestock Operations   Santa Fe Stock Handling Pamphlet   Chicago Stockyard Brochure     Purcell Oklahoma Livestock Records - 1939

San Bernardino Livestock - 1943 and 1945 (PDF)   San Bernardino Livestock - 1943 and 1945 (Excel)    Analysis of San Bernardino Stock Movement  Santa Fe Stock Car Live List

AAR Livestock Handling Methods   Santa Fe and Cattle in West Texas     Wabash Livestock Contract   Wabash Livestock Waybill

Preserved Stock Cars  Union Pacific Livestock Brochure

Refrigerator Cars and Operations

YouTube Review: 1955 Reefer Operations   California Growing Season - 1944   Coast to Coast Santa Fe Reefer Journey  Substitution of Reefer for Box Car

Wood and Steel Ice Reefers (PDF)   Wood and Steel Ice Reefers (Excel)   Packing House Operations   Refrigerator Car Operations