2023 Annual Convention – The Fast Fifteen, Houston, Texas


Houston, Texas – June 7-11, 2023 

The 2023 Annual Convention Committee was held in Houston, Texas and featured the Society’s traditional mix of high quality clinics on historical and modeling topics by well-known authorities on the Santa Fe; extensive vendor/swap meet area catering to Santa Fe interests, an Extra Fare tour of Santa Fe operations on Galveston Island and a visit to the railroad museum there, and great Santa Fe camaraderie with others sharing your interest in the history, lore and modeling of The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway!

Thursday, June 8, 2023  – EXTRA FARE to Galveston

Participants departed by bus from the Convention Hotel to travel to Galveston Island, home of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe, to see sights and visit the Galveston Railroad Museum .  Points o f interest at the Museum included the Briscoe Santa Fe calendar collection and numerous other exhibits.


The Convention clinics included:

  • The Santa Fe in World War II – Bob Walz
  • Modeling the Santa Fe in World War II – Bob Walz
  • Courier Nurses on the Santa Fe – Merrill Walz
  • The ATSF Hereford Subdivision in HO Scale – Sammy Carlile
  • The Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe in Oral History – William Osborn
  • The Santa Fe in Photo and Memory Across Arizona – Brian Rhoads
  • Helium Tank Cars 1926-1962 – Jay H. Miller


2006 Northwest Minimeet Report

John Thompson and Bill Messecar held their 7th Annual Northwest Santa Fe Mini-Meet on April 22, 2006, at the Boeing Kent Recreation Facility near Seattle. The mini-meet featured a clinic by John Thompson on “Postwar Super Chief Consists and HO Models,” along with a detailed handout of his research. Darrel Gordon, a retired Santa Fe engineer who now lives in the Seattle area, spoke of his experiences operating trains over Tehachapi and the Valley Division during the 1950s. Tom Green, a very knowledgeable Santa Fe modeler, gave an unscheduled clinic on building AMB depot kits.

After lunch Bill Messecar gave his clinic on “Santa Fe Stock Car Operations & HO Models,” which was an update of the same clinic given by Matt Zebrowski at the Kansas City 2001 SFRH&MS Convention with the additions of recent stock car models by Intermountain and Sunshine. Jim Hayes spoke about building Santa Fe resin freight car kits and covered some of the recent releases by Sunshine. Jon Harrison, a professional model builder living in Portland, gave a clinic on “Building a Summit Depot Model,” based on the recent Showcase Miniatures kit release with a number of corrections. The meet concluded with an excellent slide show by Doug Nighswonger of Santa Fe steam & diesel locos.

2017 Chicagoland RPM meet

Chicagoland Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet

A number of modelers presented Santa Fe models at the Chicagoland Railroad Prototype Modelers (RPM) meet in Naperville during October 26-28, 2017.  Here are a few highlights (click on the model photo to get full image):