Atlas GE U28CG (HO)

Atlas U26CG model
Atlas U28CG in blue and yellow. Image courtesy of Atlas Model Railroad Co.

Atlas Model Railroad Co. has announced the production of the GE U28CG.. It will be available in 2 ATSF paint schemes. Santa Fe had 10 numbered 350-359 in Red and Silver Warbonnet from 1966 with black trucks. Around 1968 the trucks were painted silver (as the Atlas model). They were removed from passenger service in 1969 following several derailments, renumbered into 7900 class, and painted in the blue and yellow bookend scheme. After 1972 they were repainted into the blue and yellow Warbonnet (as the Atlas model).

Thanks to Steve Sandifer for this update.  Posted 4/4/2020.