Intermountain: Ga-54 AAR Alternatve Standard 2-Bay Hopper (HO)

The prototype is discussed in the Rolling Stock Reference Series – Volume Seven, Santa Fe Open-Top Cars, pages 234-237. General American built 200 of the 50-ton twin hoppers AAR alternative standard design as GA-54 class in 1942. They had Wine cast steel hopper door frames and mechanisms with ASF self-aligning spring plankless trucks. They came with a 2’ square cross/circle/square herald. These heralds were not applied when they were repainted.

This Intermountain model features the state of the art for plastic production in 2015. It features wire grabs, towing loops, uncoupler levers, and brake lines. Wheels are Intermountain metal, and couplers are Kadee scale size. It follows the prototype closely and is a beautiful model. On the negative side, it does have towing loops, which the prototype did not have. It lacks tack boards and detail on the dump doors. The trucks are erroneously Bettendorf. The car weighs 2.35 oz., over an ounce short of the 3.5 ounce NMRA recommendation.

Thanks to Steve Sandifer for the review and photos.