ExactRail: Ft-3 GSC 53’6″ Flat Car with 43’3″ Truck Centers (HO)

The prototype is discussed in the Rolling Stock Reference Series – Volume Seven, Santa Fe Open-Top Cars, pages 45-50. In September of 1951, Santa Fe built 200 50-ton FT-W class cars in Albuquerque using cast underframes from General Steel Castings Co. Trucks were ASF A-3 Ride Control with integral bolster snubbers. In 1954, they built 300 more as FT-3. In 1955 150 more came as FT-5.

The car has wire grabs, Kadee scale couplers, and metal wheelsets. A laser cut wooden deck is included for the modeler to apply. Trucks are a good representation of the Ride Control and come with metal wheel sets. The prototype had a hollow center sill, but that is filled in on the model to give it additional weight. The entire car is cast metal but only weighs 2.4 oz. NMRA recommendation is 5.75 oz.

Thanks to Steve Sandifer for the review and photos.