Atlas EMD SD26 (HO)

Image of Atlas ATSF SD26
Atlas ATSF SD26

Atlas has announced HO scale EMD SD26 rebuilt locos with or without DCC and sound in the yellow bonnet scheme good for 1973 to 1987, three road numbers available.

The Santa Fe rebuilt its SD24s beginning in January 1973 into what became the SD26 class.  The upgrade included a sealed carbody and the new EMD 645 prime mover to replace the 567D3.  As a result, power increased from about 2400 to 2625 horsepower.  Extended range dynamic brakes were also added.  Ten units (4611, 4627, 4629, 4640, 4645, 4648, 4667, 4674, 4677 add 4768) had Locotrol installed and ran with mid-train helps (RCEs for Remote Controlled Equipment) in unit train service.  Ten SD26s were also wired for slug service.  Unit 4625 was wrecked in August 1974.  Most of the class was retired for credit towards GP50s in 1985.  The balance were sold to Guilford Lines.

Atlas has also announced HO scale EMD SD26 rebuilt locos in the Maersk and Kodachrome schemes, both are non-such fantasy schemes.

Thanks to Michael Flick for the update, Eric Hiser added history.  Photo courtesy of Atlas.