Indianapolis Santa Fe Mini-Meet

We have scheduled our Third Indy Santa Fe Mini Meet for this February 25th.  We had looked for a date later in the year but not to close to the Tulsa Santa Fe Convention.  But we were finding other conflicting dates in the city that had hotel rooms booked or with higher prices due to things like the Mini Marathon or the NCAA tournament.  Anyway the date is approaching and we hope that you can make plans to join us.  We will be meeting at Allisonville Christian Church which is located on the Northeast side of town near the Castleton Square Shopping Mall.  We will meet from 9 AM to 5 PM and will have opportunities for folks to tour area Santa Fe Layouts that evening.


We have a fantastic lineup of Clinicians that we know will provide an excellent program.




Paul Nash (Retired Santa Fe Director of Unit Train Operations and Trainmaster on Cajon)

Operations on Cajon

James Brown (Author of the new Illinois Division book)

ATSF Dearborn Station Operations

Lance Garrels (Retired Santa Fe Engineer)

Kansas City to Emporia

Michael Flick (Author of Sleeping Cars of the Santa Fe)

Santa Fe Passenger Train, The Tulsan


Because of this location, we are able to reduce our expenses so instead of $25 per person, we will charge $15 per person at the door.  Lunch will be on your own.  Either bring a sack lunch or you can drive 2 miles to the shopping center area where there are lots of restaurants and fast food spots.   It would still be helpful to know how many of you plan to attend so if you plan to come, please send me a RSVP.


We will have tables and a time for people to swap and sell stuff, but please let me know if you plan to do that so we can have tables available.