Both the Temple and Western Archives have large collections of photos of Santa Fe structures.   Depots are especially prominent among the structures.  Other structures include Harvey hotels and eating establishments, engine facility structures, section houses, bunkhouses, tool sheds, towers and so forth.

Depots. Although several books cover Santa Fe depots, photos here are some samples of the photos in the Society’s archives.

Depot at Alden, KS circa 1975.  Leans collection.  Temple Archives.
Original Oklahoma, New Mexico, & Pacific depot and GOB in Ardmore on October 19, 1940. Hale collection, Temple Archives.








Brick depot in Garnett, KS, in April 1963. Hale collection, Temple Archives.
Harveyville, KS, depot on June 6, 1954.  Hale collection, Temple Archives.








Depot at Matfield Green circa 1965. Lehnis collection, Temple Archives.
1917-built 26 x 66 ft. brick depot at Nickerson, KS, circa 1917.  Pounds collection, Temple Archives.







1908-built 22 x 54 ft. depot at Stratford, OK in July 1960.  Pounds collection, Temple Archives.
Looking northwest at the 1878-built 34 x 247 ft. 2-story brick 44-room depot Topeka depot.  Pounds collection, Temple Archives.










Other Structures.  Here is a selection of structures other than depots that range from tool houses through various types of living quarters to yard structures and towers.  All  photos are from various collections in the Temple Archives.

1881-built tool house 12′ x 16′ at Manzanola, Colorado on 4-16-1931. This is typical of the tool houses buit in the 1800s.  ATSF photo.
29′ x 145′ wood-built in 1881 tenement house in Raton, New Mexico on April 15, 1931.  ATST photo.








1886-built two-story clapboard 28 x 34 ft. 12 x 16 ft. eight room section house in Kinsley, KS on May 9, 1931.  ATSF photo.
1880-built 27 x 95 ft two story wood frame ice house at Pueblo, CO on April 16, 1931.  ATSFh photo








1907-built 16 x 22 ft. two-room bunk house at Lake City, Kansas, on May 20, 1931.  ATSF photo.
1892-built 34 x 36 ft five-room section house at Hackberry, Arizona, on June 15, 1931.  ATSF photo.








Standard 10-room concrete block bunk house for section laboreres at Matfield Green, KS, on May 19, 1930.  ATSF photo.
Tower and crossing of the ATSF and Rock Island at Ponca City, OK on August 24, 1936. Signals are controlled electrically.  Hale collection.