Rolling Stock

The rolling stock pictured here are of historical significance or are somewhat unusual.  For full rolling stock coverage, see the Society’s rolling stock series of  books.

Passenger Cars.  Here  are four photos  of sleeping cars that  were in Santa Fe service.  All four come from the Lee Clerico collection, donated to the Temple Archives in 2016

ATSF 509 (Full Dome-Lounge) at Emporia on December 15, 1957. Lee Clerico photo.
ATSF 2413 (Coach Baggage-Caboose) at Wichita, KS, circa 1963. Lee Clerico photo.









ATSF 3333 (Coach) at Topeka on February 11, 1939.
ATSF 3 (rebuilt wooden business car) at Topeka on November 20, 1938. In 1928 the car was unassigned.








Freight Cars.  Unless otherwise noted, the freight cars in this section are builder’s or company photos that are part of the Temple Archives.

ATSF 37001 (Bx-31) modified for Chrysler-DeSoto rear axel assembly loading at Topeka on October 15, 1954
ATSF 47533 (Fe-39 class boxcar) at the General American plant in East Chicago, Indiania in July 1966.









ATSF 180874 (two-bay hopper car) at General American plant in East Chicago, Indiana in March 1941.
SFRD 13000 (Rr-41 class expiramental stailess steel refrigerator car) at Consolidated Steel Corp Los Angeles plant in 1946.









ATSF 118000 (Sk-O class double deck stock car) at Pullman plant in Michigan City, Indiana, on April 26, 1923.
ATSF 100800 (Tk-L class tank car) at the Genral Ameican plant in May 1930.








Maintenance of Way Equipment. The photos in this section are all from the Lee Clerico collection in the Temple Archives.

ATSF 199777 (Wellington Derrick) at Wellington in 1965.
ATSF 199905 (weed Sprayer Car) at Topeka on August 8, 1948.  Ray Hilner photo.