Motive Power

What you will see here are a small sample of photos of Santa Fe steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and “doodlebugs.”  The photos below are from the Lee Clerico collection which Lee, who died January 27, 2019 at the age of 104, donated to the Society in 2016 and are now in the Temple Archives.

Steam Locomotives.

ATSF 1491 (4-4-2) outside Topeka Shops after being converted to simple from a balanced compound on October 1. 1927.  ATSF photo.
ATSF 4007 (2-8-2) after installation of Coffin Feedwater Heater at Topeka Shops on April 27, 1927.  ATSF photo.









ATSF 656 (0-8-0) is just out of the Topeka Shops after being rebuilt from a 2-8-0 February 9, 1926.  ATSF photo.
ATSF 2027 (0-6-0) at an unknown location circa 1910.














Diesel Locomotives.

ATSF 2334 (Alco S2 switcher) at an unknown location.
ATSF 337 (F7) at Dearborn Statioin, Chicago on April 24, 1971. J. R. Quinn photo.









Motor Cars.

ATSF M.131 stops, possibly at Fresno, circa 1950.
ATSF M.110 sits outside the Topeka Shops awaiting conversion to a trailer on April 24, 1952. Ray Hilner photo.