Motive Power

What you will see here are a small sample of photos of Santa Fe steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and “doodlebugs.”  The photos below are from the Lee Clerico collection which Lee donated to the Society in 2016 and are now in the Temple Archives.

Steam Locomotives.

ATSF 1028 (2-6-2) at Topeka, KS, on June 13,1953.  Bill Corben photo.
ATSF 2535 (0-8-0 rebuilt from an Ex-Orient 2-8-0) is an assigned switcher at Wichita circa 1950.  Charles Goebel photo.








ATSF 2053 (0-6-0) at an unknown location circa 1940.  G.A. photo.
ATSF 275 (2-8-0) at an unknown location circa 1885.








Diesel Locomotives.

ATSF 12, 3A (E6, E1) at Topeka on April 25, 1940.   Ray Hilner photo.
ATSF 73 (PA) is on No. 1 The Scout at Topeka on March 14, 1948.  Ray Hilner photo.








Motor Cars.

ATSF M.131 stops, possibly at Fresno, circa 1950.  G. A. photo.
ATSF M.154 and coach 1200 are at Topeka ready to depart for Emporia as train No. 13 on July 8, 1937.  Ray Hilner photo.