Drawings from the Society’s archives and publications

Drawings of items to be modeled are very useful to the modeler.  Here are some representative samples of drawings from the Society’s archives to give you an idea of our holdings.  All of the folio drawings below come from the R. L. Crump/Priest Library held by the Temple Archives.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size drawing.

Motive Power.  In addition to engineering drawings of motive power, the Society has  some folio drawings of  diesel locomotives in use in the last decade of  the Santa Fe. In addition to a sketch, the folio has much useful information in the table below the drawing.

Folio drawing of ATSF SF30B (6419) on September 1, 1989.
Folio drawing of ATSF SF30-C (9500 class) on September 1, 1989








Folio drawing ATSF GP38u (2300 Class) September 1, 1989.
Folio drawing of ATSF SD40u (5000 class) on September 1, 1989.









Rolling Stock.  The Society has a large collection of folio drawings of freight cars.  The folio dated March 27, 1980, contains 844 pages.  As with the folio drawings of motive power, the freight car folio has much useful information.

Way Cars.  The 1980 folio has eleven classes of way cars, three of which were bought new and the remainder are rebuilds of older way cars.

Folio drawing of Ce-4 class way cars (transfer) dated March 31, 1969.
Folio drawing of Ce-10 class way cars dated February 1, 1980.








Box Cars.  There are 307 pages of boxcar folio drawings from Bx-61 to Bx-220 and from Fe-27 to Fe-40.  Only a small sample of the folio can be here at any one time.

Folio drawing of 40 foot boxcar class Bx-64 dated June 1,, 1955
Folio drawing of 86 foot boxcar class Bx-91 dated april 14, 1965.









Folio drawing of 40 foot boxcar class Bx-115 (rebuilt from Bx-37 class cars and equipped grain access door) dated June 10, 1976
Folio drawing of 50 foot boxcar class Bx-145 dated February 29, 1971.








Folio drawing of 50 foot boxcar class Fe-34 with grain access door, dated June 3, 1963.








Covered Hopper Cars.  Covered hopper cars are second only to boxcars in numbers of cars on the roster after 1970.

Folio drawing of Ga-105 class 2003 cu. ft. two-bay covered hopper modified for Filtrol Slurry Service dated September 10, 1970.
Folio drawing of Ga-113 class 3219 cu. ft. Pullman-built three-bay covered hopper dated October 21, 1959.








Folio drawing of Ga-194 class 4180 cu. ft. two-bay airslide covered hopper dated March 1, 19768.








Flat Cars.  Flat cars have a wide range of configurations including standard general flat cars, wallboard and lumber cars, depressed center cars, TOFC/COFC flat cars, and auto racks.

Folio drawing of 60 foot Ft-7 class flat car dated March 15, 1956.
Folio drawing of 57 ft. Ft-32 class flat car (modified for COFC) dated December 29, 1978.








Folio drawing of 60 foot Ft-V class pulpwood car dated August 9, 1944.
Folio drawing of 89 ft. Ft-37 class TOFC car with traler hitches locatated to handle two 45′ trailers dated March 15, 1983.









Open Top Cars.  Open top cars include drop bottom gondolas, air dump cars, solid bottom gondolas, ballast cars, hopper cars, and ore cars.

Folio drawing of Ga-83 class 40 ft. ballast hopper car dated September 4, 1953.
Folio drawing of Ga-95 class 34 ft. high-side gondola dated July 2, 1956.









Folio drawing of Ga-55 class 66 ft. mill gondola dated July 27. 1949.
Folio drawing of Ga-139 class 4 ft. gondola with longitudinal air-operated doors for copper concentrate service dated April 14, 1965.









Refrigerator Cars and Insulated Boxcars.  Both of these car types were given Rr classifications although the insulated box cars were later changed to the Bx classification series.  Unfortunately the folio does not include any ice bunker refrigerator cars only mechanical, or in Santa Fe parlance, mechanical temperature control (MTC) cars.

Folio drawing of Rr-75 class 50 ft. insulated box car dated December 10, 1962.
Folio drawing of Rr-90 class 60 ft. mechanical refrigerator car dated March 17, 1969








Tank Cars.  Santa Fe tank cars were not used in general revenue service but were most often found in company service. The oldest cars in the folio are tank cars dating to 1910.

Folio drawing of Tk-L class 40 ft. tank cars dated March 23, 1951.
Folio drawing of Tk-N class 48 ft. tank cars dated July 12, 1949










Strucures.  Both archives have extensive collections of structure drawings.  Depots are most prominent, but all types of Santa Fe structures are included.  Here is a small sample.

Drawing of the exterior of the mission revival depot at Santa Fe new Mexico.  R. L. Crump/Priest Library, Temple Archives.
Drawing of branch line No. 3 depot dated November 1910.








Drawing of a standard 6-room operator’s cottage dated September 1910.  R. L. Crump/Priest Library, Temple Archives.
Drawing of a standard bunk house effective January 1913.  R. L. Crump/Priest Library, Temple Archives.








Drawing of standard concrete interlocking tower dated January 1930.  R. L. Crump/Priest Library, Temple Archives.