Rebuilding the Santa Fe

Welcome to Rebuilding the Santa FeThis is a collaborative project by the Society, its members, and Santa Fe modelers to “rebuild” the Santa Fe in model form!  The goal of this initiative is to represent each class of Santa Fe locomotive, rolling stock, and many of its structures.  We welcome all to review the modeling work of Santa Fe fans and to recapture the feel for the diverse mix of locomotives, cars and equipment that made the Santa Fe distinctive!  Where locomotives and rolling stock underwent iterations in paint scheme, we will endeavor to show each one as modelers submit their work to us.

The photos are organized by steam locomotive wheel type, then class; diesel locomotive manufacturer class, then number series; passenger equipment by type; rolling stock by class; and structures alphabetically by location or type.  Click on the album image to view individual models.   Depending upon your computer, this may take you back to the top of the page – just scroll down again to see the images.  Once in the images, you can click on the individual image that also allows you to eliminate the caption.  You can return to album view by returning to the top of the images and clicking the “return”  arrow.  Enjoy!

Santa motive power

SAnta Fe Passenger EQuipment

Santa Fe Freight Equipment

Santa Fe Company Service Equipment

Santa Fe Structures and places

If you have an image of one or more of your models that you would like to share as part of this project, please upload a digital jpg image file of each model (at least 1 MB size) and in a separate Word document or email a description of what is represented (for example, locomotive class and number, rolling stock class and number, structure location), the model manufacturer, if any, and the approximate date represented, plus the name of the modeler and photographer.  The image files and Word document should be uploaded to   Emails should be sent to .  All submitted materials are considered donated to the Society with the right to use them in promoting the modeling of the Santa Fe.

Thank you for contributing!