2017 ATSF steam 2 Harlan Boyce 2-8-2 4030

2017 ATSF 3rd Place Steam - Ramon Rhodes 4-8-4 #3781

One thought on “2017 ATSF steam 2 Harlan Boyce 2-8-2 4030

  1. Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart says:

    Browsing after renewing my membership and found your Mikado. My father was an engineer and frequently ran Mikado’s as helper up Cajon Pass. Always loved the Mikado’s and the Texas class loco’s. Your engine has a wonderful class of detailing. It’s like looking back in time. Congradulations of a magnificent job. I also recently completed my kit-bash of my Mikado. I model in G scale and hope to show at the convention in Albuquerque 2020 along with my Jordan Spreader and Crane and Boom car. I am aware that there are if anyone who has brought G scale, but I hope to get some constructive opinions and technics to help me continue creating better motive equipment and motive power. I look forward to admiring more of you modeling expertise. Sincerely, Michael Stewart

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