This section contains information on Santa Fe passenger equipment and passenger train operations.  Click on icons to open documents.

Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment - September 1943    Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment - September 1945      Santa Fe Drumheads  Santa Fe Transcontinental Passenger Service


Tramp Pullman   Observations on Santa Fe Heavyweight Cars   Santa Fe Super Chief from Life Magazine - April 1938  "El Capitan" from Life Magazine

Passenger Train Consists at Lubbock Texas   Interior Photos of Observation Navajo   Santa Fe Circular 244-R - Passenger Equipment, May 1957  Santa Fe Passenger Train Consists

Super Chief Performance Reports - 1936     Grand Canyon Consists

The two documents below are the same information in PDF and MS Excel formats.  Excel is provided for those that may want to sort by upholstery, coupler type, etc.

        Heavyweight Pasenger Car Folio 211-17 (PDF)   Heavyweight Pasenger Car Folio 211-17 (Excel)

   Santa Fe 3010 Heavyweight Coach at Orange Empire Museum      Pullman Project and Steam Ejecto Air Conditioning   Santa Fe Number 74 RPO at san Diego Railroad Museum      Post Shadow-Line Painting

   Santa Fe Heavyweight Cars   Chiefs of the Buffet-Library-Baggage Cars Transcontinental Air Transport   Artwork from Santa Fe Passenger Cars

     Electromet Review     Santa Fe's Search for Passenger Comfort - Trane Air Conditioning   Antimacassars