Members Area Resources

Members Area Resources

This pages and its subordinate ages comprise the archive of former postings on the resources pages that formerly were on the page open to all.  The archive is open to members only.  The categories are the same as on the open section so you can navigate it as you did the open section.

Santa Fe company documents.   This page includes company building records, joint facilities records (tabular data), industry track records (tabular data),  bridge records, water service records, rules, forms, timetables, (both public and employee), schedules, and promotional materials.

Drawings from the Society’s archives and publications.  Drawings will include motive power, rolling  stock, bridges, and structures.

Maps and Charts.  This section will include junction records, track charts, joint facilities records (line maps), industry track records (line maps), and station plats.  Additional track charts, CLIC books, maps, etc. can be found in the ATSF Documents – Track Charts, CLIC Books, Maps, etc. section of this website.

Photos from the Society’s archives. Photos from both the Temple  and Western Archives include motive power (steam, diesel, and motor  cars), rolling stock (passenger, freight, and maintenance of way), structures, and trains.  There is a separate page for each category.  Click on the category you wish to visit.

Prototype Information

This section contains documents about the Santa Fe from sources other than the railway itself.

Modeling Information   This section contains resources for modeling the Santa Fe.

Book and Product Reviews