Vol 7. Open-Top Cars: Flat, Gondola & Hopper Cars 1902-1959

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By Richard H. Hendrickson

The final and authoritative work by Dr. Hendrickson on Santa Fe’s open-top cars in the Ga- classes, which includes, interestingly enough, covered hoppers, log cars, sulphur gondolas, ore cars, cross hoppers and ballast cars, among others.  This book consists of 320 pages and 759 images.  It includes 19 chapters on such topics as Introduction and Historical Background, Early Flat Cars and Gondolas Built Before 1902, Flat Cars 1902-1944: Classes Ft-A through Ft-V, Post-World War II Flat Cars: Classes Ft-W through Ft-17, Flat Cars Built or Modified for Special Service, Logging Cars: Classes Lg-1 through Lg-4, General Service Drop Bottom Gondolas 1902-1930: Classes Ga-O through Ga-26, General Service Drop Bottom Gondolas 1931-1959: Classes Ga-46 through Ga-102, Mill Gondolas 1902-1944: Classes Ga-6 through Ga-63, Postwar Mill Gondolas: Classes Ga-68 through Ga-108. Sulphur Gondolas, Gondolas Built or Modified for Special Service, Ballast Gondolas and Hoppers, Ore Cars, Cross Hoppers, Covered Hoppers 1936-1952: Classes Ga-45 through Ga-79, Covered Hoppers 1954-1959: Classes Ga-88 through GA-119, Air Dump Cars, Painting and Lettering, and provides extensive roster information.

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