Vol 3. Dining & Beverage Service Cars


By John B. McCall

For over 90 years the names of the Santa Fe Railway and Fred Harvey were synonymous with passenger trains and hospitality of the finest quality. Noted Santa Fe authority John B. McCall not only details the dining and beverage service cars once owned by Santa Fe, but also explores that unique partnership. Richly illustrated with hundreds of photos and period menus and ephemera, many in color.  The book comprises 336 pages (116 color), 659 black and white and 242 color images.  The book is divided into three parts.  Part One – The Heavyweight Cars, including Composite & Buffet Library Cars, Dining Cars, Lounge Cars, Parlor Cars, and Café Observation Cars; Part Two – The Lightweight Cars, including Baggage Lounge Cars, Dining Cars, Lounge & Parlor Observation Cars; and Part Three – Service by Fred Harvey.  Appendices include selected china and silver patterns and external paint schemes.  Hardcover.

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