Vol 2. Refrigerator Cars: Ice Bunker Cars 1884-1979


By Keith Jordan, Richard Hendrickson, John B. Moore and A. Dean Hale

This is the classic and authoritative guide to refrigerator cars of the Santa Fe Railway. The book consists of 288 pages and over 400 photographs and drawings of Santa Fe equipment. Photos were re-scanned to provide as much detail as possible given age and contrast. The book covers Nineteenth Century (1884-1900), truss rod, USRA style and ARA cars, USRA and ARA rebuilds, Santa Fe’s “new” steel 40 foot cars, and 50 foot cars. There is also an extensive discussion of the Santa Fe’s efforts to rebuild and modernize its refrigerator car fleet. A separate chapter covers Ice Cars from 1908 through 1971. Appendices cover painting and lettering, slogan assignments, roster information and diagrams of selected equipment. The definitive source for information on this important class of Santa Fe cars.  Available as a digitally scanned reprint.

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NOTE: This title is not available at a member discount

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