Santa Fe Passenger Train Compendium


By Michael W. Flick and John R. Signor

Second printing is now available!

A compendium of articles from The Warbonnet and earlier publications, including new and expanded information in some cases, on some of the major name trains that made up the Santa Fe’s public image throughout much of its like.  Compilers Michael Flick, a long-term authority on Santa Fe passenger equipment and operations, and John Signor, long-time editor of The Warbonnet, have picked the best of the best, checked for up to date information, and made this a quick, easy to use introduction into the high class railroading that was the Santa Fe and its passenger service.  576 pages, 543 black and white photos, 283 color images, and 16 maps.  A must have for passenger train enthusiasts!


The Santa Fe Railway is well remembered for its passenger trains. Indeed, articles on these  trains and their operations written by many different authors with contributions by even more individuals, have appeared many times for over nearly a half century in the publications of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society and its predecessors under the names of the High Iron, Santa Fe Modeler, The Santa Fe Route, and The Warbonnet. Compilers Michael W. Flick, an acknowledged expert on Santa Fe passenger trains, and John R. Signor, long time editor of The Warbonnet, have brought to this compendium not only articles of their own, but have gathered together dozens published as far back as the early 1970s. Many required updating. Corrections were made as needed. Color images were added if available, some original articles were produced when only black and white was suitable for publishing, though some of the source images had actually been in color. For some articles, additional material was added, and some original material was
created to fill some gaps for specific trains and operations for which nothing had been written prior to this compendium.

While this compendium is by no means a complete, or comprehensive review of all Santa Fe passenger trains, it does place within one cover the board scope of Santa Fe passenger train articles published by the SFRH&MS and predecessors, in a convenient and accessible single volume. 576 pages, hard cover with dust jacket, 543 black & white photos and 283  color images, 16 maps. ISBN: 978-1-933587-52-3