Vol 9. Santa Fe Hoppers & Gondolas: 1960-1995


By Charles Slater.  This volume on Santa Fe’s hoppers and gondolas covers everything in the Ga class that Santa Fe owned from 1960 to the BNSF merger in 1995.  On the Santa Fe, that includes hoppers, covered hoppers and gondolas.  Charlie’s book picks up where Richard Hendrickson left off in his excellent book Santa Fe Open-Top Cars: Flat, Gondola and Hopper Cars 1902-1959, Rolling Stock Reverence Series volume seven.  Also included are two cars, one gondola, and one ore car, that were listed in the Hendrickson book but not shown, the Ga-76 class 65-foot mill gondola and the Ga-107 class Hurley ore car. Charlie’s book features 107 classes with roster and painting and lettering guide.  A must have for either the modeler or transportation historian.  Soft cover 256 pages with a coil last-flat binding, color images throughout.

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