Coach, Cabbage & Caboose


By John B. McCall.

This volume traces the history of mixed train operations on the Santa Fe in narrative, photographs, equipment diagrams, schedule development and rosters of equipment. In the process, the branch-line operations of the Santa Fe are explored in detail … a “gentler” Santa Fe than the high-traffic main line operations usually associated with this major railroad.  Hundreds of photographs, many never-before published, illustrate the “branchline mood” with views of long-gone depots, scenery, steam and diesel power, drover’s cars and combines.  Chapters include:

Introduction to Mixed Train Service * Introduction to Mixed Train Equipment * Passenger Equipment Prior to 1902 * Coach & Waycars … the First Generation * Second Generation of Mixed Train Combines: 70-72 Foot Wooden Cars * Third Generation Combines: All-Steel Construction * Drover’s Cars * Miner’s Transfer Cars * Branch Line Pictorial * Branch Line Motive Power * Afterword

A classic.  Very few available, first-come, first-served.  256 pages, hardbound.