Santa Fe and the Citrus Industry

This page presents information gathered from many sources about Santa Fe and the citrus industry, primarily in California.  Society member Bob Chaparro hosts the Citrus Industry Modeling Group and much of the information presented here has been developed by Society and CIMG members.  Many thanks to them for sharing.

We have organized the information into five categories:  Historical Photos; Company Documents; Discussion; Model Photos; and Modeling Tips.  Because this information is developed from other sources, the Society is providing links rather than republishing them here.  If a link is broken or bad, please let us know so we can fix or remove it.

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Historical Photos

Los Angeles Central Manufacturing District citrus operations – Bob Chaparro.  This link takes you to Bob’s discussion of the Central Manufacturing District operations and includes links to photos of both sides of the building, including some Santa Fe refrigerator cars.  Caption: A train of the L.A. Junction Railway Co. is stopped in front of the warehouse of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., importers of tea. Photo dated: January 7, 1932.  This is a Los Angeles Public Library Photo found by Bob Chaparro.

Company Documents

The Members Area has the following documents of interest:

Circular 2-J, SFRD, Handling of Perishable Freight, December 1941, which was provided by member Steve Sandifer.  This link takes you to the Members Area.


Los Angeles Division freight traffic – Don Richardson

NA Turn – Clifford Prather (from Orange County RHS newsletter).  An excellent discussion that Bob Chaparro obtained permission to reprint on this Santa Fe turn in the Santa Ana area on the third district.

Model Photos

Packing house model.  This model is found a the Corona Model RR Society.  Bob Chaparro photo.  Click here to see post about it.

Bob Chaparro noted that “the recent Railroad Prototype Modelers Chicagoland Conference in Lisle, IL, displayed a large number of really well-executed models. Here are links to photos of two reefer models from the Conference.  Here are two worth seeing:


Modeling Tips

Modeling condemned Santa Fe refrigerator cars.  This link takes you to one part of the conversation; follow the conversation to learn more.

Discussion of Walthers 52 foot mechanical refrigerator.  This link takes you to a discussion of the car’s accuracy.