2021 Virtual Convention Registration


Register for the 2021 Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society “Virtual” Convention, which is replacing the cancelled Albuquerque Convention due to COVID-19.  The Virtual Convention will be held on Saturday, June 26, 2021, from 11:00 am to 5:45 pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).  The convention link will open 30 minutes before the start. Please see details on the Virtual Convention Program below.  Please note that there is NO MEMBER DISCOUNT for the Virtual Convention.

Virtual Convention registrants MUST DOWNLOAD the instructions.  If paying by credit card, you will return to an order confirmation screen and you may click on the download button to get the registration materials.  All registrants will receive an email with the download link.  In addition, all registrants can access their order download by going to the Society website, signing in, looking at the top black bar (you may need to scroll up to it), clicking on “My Account”, clicking on “Orders,” look for the date you placed the order, then clicking on the red “View” rectangle.  This will bring up the download link under the heading “downloads.”  The actual link usually appears in a purple rectangle.  The colors may vary somewhat depending your personal settings.

The instructions provide additional details (please check your spam filter and junk mail if you don’t receive the email within about an hour). The 2021 Virtual Convention will use Zoom as a platform.  The quality of the 2021 Virtual Convention experience will depend upon the quality of your internet connection and processing speed of your computer or device.




The 2021 Virtual Convention Program is as follows (all times in United States Eastern Daylight Time):

11:00 am      Welcome/Introductions/Mechanics, Eric Hiser

11:15 am      Clinic:  BNSF Art Collection, Bradley Houston

12:15 am      Clinic:  Modeling ATSF GP39-2s, Mike Tomei

1:15 pm    Break/Slide Show

1:45 pm    Clinic:  Memories of the New Mexico Transcon, Evan Werkema

2:45 pm   Annual Business Meeting, Paul Brown and Board

3:45 pm    Adjourn (this may be earlier)

Virtual Convention registrants MUST DOWNLOAD from the Society the printed instructions at the time of purchase or by going to your MY ORDERS page.  You will also receive an email with the download link.  Please check your spam or junk filters if you don’t receive.  It typically arrives within 30 minutes.  The instructions address:

  • How to access the Virtual Convention (via Zoom),
  • How to ask questions during the Convention,
  • A discount code to use for Convention Specials on merchandise; and
  • An invitation and instructions on sharing images of the Santa Fe or Santa Fe models for the Convention slide show (and, we hope, as part of the Society’s outreach program to make images of the Santa Fe available for low cost to members and the public to encourage modeling).

Please also note that your reception of the Virtual Convention will depend upon the quality of your local internet service and the number of other users in your area.  This means that there may be some fuzziness, pixellation, gaps in sound or video.  We regret that, but don’t have control.  The Society is using a university-quality extended education Zoom base.  The Convention will NOT be recorded – you must watch live!

Questions should be directed to Bob Walz, rmwalz@sprintmail.com, the Virtual Convention coordinator, or Eric Hiser, ehiser.RR@gmail.com, the Virtual Convention technical coordinator.

Registration is $10.00.