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Walthers PS 4-4-2 Sleeper 6702
Revised 3-2-05

The 2003 release Walthers PS 4-4-2 Sleeper 6702 is a model of based upon a 1938 Pullman-Standard ATSF design, Plan 4069C. The car comes with 41-HR trucks and Steam Ejector air conditioning.

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Plan 4069A Lot 6532 were built in 1938 and totaled 12 cars. This has been called the Hotevilla series and they were delivered for use on the Chief. Names included: Hotevilla, Hualpai, Jadito, Kaibito, Kayenta, Kietsiel, Klethla, Moencopi, Mohave, Nankoweap, Naslini, and Polacca. They remained unrebuilt and were scrapped between 1966 and 1968.

Lot 6553, Plan 4069C were two more cars for the Super Chief built in 1938. The names were Tchirege and Tsankawi. They also survived without alteration until scraped in 1966. These came with 41-R trucks

Lot 6597, Plan 4069C were six more built in 1939. The car names include: Bacobi, Hasta, Nava, Saydatch (?), Seboyeta, and Tapacipa. Tapacipa was wrecked in 1947. The other 5 were sold for scrap in 1966 and 1967. This is the prototype for the Walther's car.

Correct spelling of the unusual ATSF names is often debated. The names as they appear above are spelled as in The Official P-S Library from David Randall and William Ross. Fred Frailey's Quarter Century spells Saydatch as Saydatoh. RPC Vol. 11, Wayner's Car Names, Numbers & Consists, and the Jan. 1961 Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment lists it as Saydotah. The Walther's sheet spells it the Randall way, Saydatch.

The prewar fluted-side cars were used on the Chief and on the Super Chief until replaced by the Regal series cars of 1947.

This is the extremely close to the 4069A car offered by Eastern Car Works and the SFH&MS, known as the Hotevilla series. Mainline Modeler had plans in the 2/93 issue. The 4069C plans included fluted skirts and a couple of extra roof vents; the 4069A had smooth skirts, a slightly different window spacing, and 43-R trucks.


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