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Walther's Troop Sleeper Conversion Express cars

Released in early 2006, the converted Troop Kitchen cars were not owned by the ATSF, but were seen in consists of trains like the Fast Mail, Grand Canyon, California Limited, and Express Extras. The NYC version was common.

The best book for information on the cars is the Railway Prototype Cyclopedia 5 for the original cars in troop service with a few photos of express conversion cars.

As with other recent Walther's productions, wire grabirons are included for the modeler to drill and install and decals are included for car numbers. Underbody details are limited.

The best website for information on these cars is that of Cannonball which has made flat kits of this car for several years, and which for some versions is the only route to take. Not every railroad converted the sleepers the same (window sheathing, inside vs. outside doors, door widths, vents), so prototype modeler beware. The NYC and REX versions were common on the ATSF and others may have appeared from time to time. For some reason the above website omits the REX cars which included 100 express box and 275 express reefers. With several variations of doors, roofs, and paint schemes, Walthers may be producing these for some time.

Large size side view
Corner view


Corrections and input to Steve Sandifer.

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